Homemade Food

Our blog is about homemade, clean food. Our meals use simple ingredients, no preservatives, and basic cooking techniques. Stay fit and healthy.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy meals are well-portioned dishes balanced in carbs, proteins, & fats with plenty veggies and fruits. Healthy dessert is the best part of the meal.

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Best Diet Plans

If fat burning pills, weight loss clinics, diet books, and appetite reducing suppliments all failed, it is time to try our simple weight loss solutions with realistic goals.

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Prepared Meals

We offer great prices on our products. Our meals are prepared with home raised eggs, herbs, and all cooked from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients.

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Cooking is about passion

Cooking can be more than just a meal prepartion. You can make it a family time, learning time, fun time, or me time. It takes years of gaining experience and techniques with failures and successes, but dedication and patience will always pay off.

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Story behind this recipe book


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Taste the love with our homemade dishes.

Knowing certain little things and nuances about cooking can make a difference in the way each recipe turns out. I am here to share what I had learned throughout the years.

Do not be scared of trying. Start small and gradually work your way to the next level. Pay attention to patterns and different outcomes with various temperatures, pot types, and other variables.

What Our Readers Say

So far this site is the only thing that helped me lose weight, especially my stomach area. The funny part is Elaine just emphasized how important running and eating less was, nothing complicated. Overworked Mom Realty
I found lots of helpful tips and little things like room temperature ingredients when baking, not overworking the dough, and using higher quality ingredients like brand names instead of store brands. Giana Photography

What is better, food blogs or recipe books

I say use both when learning to cook. Food blogs can be a helpful tool in learning important tricks of the trade that recipe books often omit or do not have the space to describe in detail. But you are one lucky person if you have family memebers who cook at home and you can observe them.

Cooking and eating healthy on the go

Meal plan ideas including snacks for the road and appertizers.

10 top food ideas to lose weight

Simple health guides for ultimate mood, energy, and brain function.

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Traditional chocolate cake from scratch. Really few simple ingredients that most people already have in the pantry.

Carrot Muffins

Healthy and hearty carrot muffins. Guilt-free dessertish snack!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Like a Pro

Chocolate chip cookies that taste sophisticated and make others wonder if you secretely work at a bakery.

Simple cooking: fresh clean food...

Yogurt making is simpler than you thought

Homemade yogurt for health and taste: hundreds of possibilities

Homemade No Knead Bread

Homemade artisan bread for beginner bakers: simple and hearty, great with soup, chili, or sandwiches.


Simple steps to grow herbs like basil, green onions, chard, kale, microgreens at home. Small radish, pepper, tomato garden. Zuccini and pumpkin is easy.

Backyard Chickens

Raising a small flock of chickens has many benefits: eggs, nutrients, fun, and relaxing

New baby in your life

How to overcome postpartum depression and life changes with the new baby arrival. Looking ahead: homeschooling rewards.

Simple workouts and dieting

How to lose weight, achieve flatter stomach, & burn stubborn thigh cellulite. What to drink and not to drink, to eat and not to eat, and how to count calories!

Berries, nuts, fish, oils

How to help thinning hair and aging or sagging skin. A few natural ingredients for every day consumption for hair growth, youthful skin, and strong nails.

Discover the most delicious recipes.

Top classic recipes everyone should try.