What is Five Five Fitness Program?

5 minutes 5 times a day simple workout routines compiled by Elaine Marcus. Each exercise is about 1 minute long. Just choose 5 different minute-long moves for your 5 minutes of "me" time. Find your favorite pace: slow it down or speed it up but do it safely, have fun and build your confidence. I promise you will feel stronger, more flexible, better balanced, less forgetful, and in a better mood.

Physical exercise can be exhausting. Remember to stay hydrated pre-workout and post-workout, get plenty of rest, and consult your doctor before attempting any routines. Five Five Fitness is for general information ONLY and should not be substituted for the medical advice of your health care professional. This content is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any illness.(Elaine Marcus)

SquatsMovement 1. Five Five Fitness Intro: Squats and Knee Bends

ShoulderCirclesMovement 2. Shoulder Circles

SlowJumpingJacksMovement 3. Slow Jumping Jacks

SideBendsMovement 4. Side Bends

AirplaneTwistsMovement 5. Airplane Forward Twists

KneeRaisesMovement 6. Knee Raises Sideways

ArmScissorsMovement 7. Arm Scissors

HeadTiltsMovement 8. Head Tilts

FrontKneeLiftElbowCrossMovement 9. Front Knee Lifts with Elbow Cross

SideToSideSquatsMovement 10. Side to Side Squats

ForwardLungesMovement 11. Forward Lunges

ArmPunchingMovement 12. Punches for Stronger Arms and Back

TwistingTorsoMovement 13. Swirling Snake Exercise for Stretching Back, Spine, and Upper Body

Equilateral Triangle Movement 14. Equilateral Triangle Exercise for Full Body Strength

Leg Stretches Movement 15. Impatient Me Leg Stretches for Leaner Thighs and Booty

Steps Uphill Movement 16. Steps Uphill 1-Minute Cardio Workout for Weight Loss and Heart Health

Basic Squats Movement 17. Come to Mommy Squats for Buttocks

Flamingo Leg Movement 18. Flamingo Leg Exercise for Balance, Abs, and Thighs

Lying Legs Lifting Movement 19. Lying Leg Lifts for Hips, Spine, Strength

Tie Your Shoes Bend Down 20. Tie Your Shoes Bend Over for Balance, Flexibility, and Mobility

Stretches for the back 21. Look Up In The Sky Stretching for Back Pain Relief, Sore Muscles, and Stress

Moving Torso Twister 22. Moving Torso Twister Five Five Fitness Exercise @Simple Good Ideas

The Best Abs Exercise 23. The Best Abs Exercise Workout At Home TRY IT

45-Degree Leg Lifts Exercise for Butt and Thighs 24. 45-Degree Leg Lifts Exercise for Butt and Thighs

Lean Abs with Leg Lifts 25. Lean Abs with Leg Lifts Daily Exercise