Bed Frames Sizes and Dimensions

What are the sizes of the bed frames?

4 most common bed size in the USA are Twin, Full (aka Double), Queen, and King. Less common mattress sizes are Twin XL and California King. There are also Queen XL (60" x 84") and Extra Wide Queen, or The Olympic Queen (66" x 80").

Most metal bedframes include headboard brackets, but the length of the bed frame may be shorter than the box spring length allowing it hang over slightly without sticking out and poking a person walking by. The bed frames with the headboard and footboard brackets must correspond to the bed sizes as follows:
1. Twin Size 38" X 74"
2. Twin XL Size 38" X 80"
3. Full/Double Size 54" X 74" (or sometimes 52"x76")
4. Queen Size 60" X 80"
5. Queen XL Size 60" X 84"
6. Extra Wide Queen Size 66" X 80"
7. California King Size 72" X 84"
8. King Size 76" X 80"

How to assemble metal bed frame without hardware or tools?

Most common bed frames sold in America today are Instalock style. They do not require any tools or screws to hold together. The cross rails of the left side rail have sets of rivets (resebling bolt-heads) to be inserted into the keyholes on the opposite cross rails of the rigth side rail (or vice versa). A single bed frame may be assembled into different sizes so corresponding set of keyholes and rivets must be selected. Slide arms away from each other by pulling apart to lock the position. Common sets of bed frames are 3-in-1 (King/Queen/Full. Qeen/Full/Twin, or King/California King/Queen) and 2-in-1 ITwin/Full)

Oder style bed frames may require bed frame clamps to hold togehter. Narrow bed frame clams are for twin/full frames and wide clamps fit king/queen metal frames.



1. Bed frame glides are plastic legs about 3 inches in length and elevate the frame 2-1/4" from the floor
2. Bed frame casters are rollers or wheels and may require plastic insert (or plug/socket) to stay in place without falling out
3. Bed frame headboard or footboard blackets can be added or removed on some frames
4. Bunk bed frame clamps ensure maximum safety preventing the top bunk from coming apart
5. King size bed frame width of 76" is equivalent to 2 twin size extra long box springs 38 inches each side by side
6. Some bed frames consist of just side rails and are used to connect headboard and footboard via various attachment methods: bolt-on types, hook-on connectors, sliding single rivet (mostly on antique beds-see photo examples), gliding double rivets (toddler beds and cribs), etc.

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